From the Source

There’s a back story…. Normally we look askance at inexpensive wooden furniture imported from Asia. Who needs a big lacquered hutch anyway? But on our recent DUMBO junket, we were very pleasantly suprised by
From the Source, where we chatted with Darren, the friendly in-house interior designer. FTS has a wide selection of pieces that they manufacture and import from Indonesia: solid teak kitchen tables (for less than $500), colorful, painted (think Giverny) book cases, rustic mirrors, and a variety of chests and tables. It’s a big open garage-like space filled with practical, quality stuff at low prices. You see many of the same pieces at other stores around town at higher prices, and that’s because those stores buy from, err, yeah. Get it? But here’s the cool part: FTS is owned by one Bob Fireman who, Darren claimed, “invented the futon.” Not quite. I did some research and discovered that
Fireman actually invented two of the seminal couch-bed folding futon frame mechanisms. So, if you’ve ever yanked and jerked in the sometimes easy, sometimes hard process of opening your friend’s couch-bed, you’ve got Fireman to thank for the pleasure (or lack thereof.) Regardless, people who tinker in wood shops on futon frame patents are inherently cool. So, if you need a practical, low cost piece of semi-rustic wooden furniture, visit Darren and Mr. Fireman at From the Source.