From the Trenches: How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation

From the Trenches: How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation

Shifrah Combiths
Mar 31, 2014
(Image credit: Andi Forker)

It's been a while since I've lived through any renovations, but a close friend just finished a kitchen re-do. Here's what she had to say, straight from the horse's mouth:

1. Be mentally prepared. It WILL be inconvenient, a total pain, and an ugly mess. But keep your eye on the prize: visualize the outcome and keep in mind why you decided to take on the reno in the first place.

2. Make sure you organize as much as you can before renovation begins. Get bins for each room or area, label them, and put displaced items in appropriate containers.

3. Work with contractors to cover up as much of the floor and furniture as you can in order to minimize the spread of dust and debris.

4. Plan activities outside of the home during noisy work hours. Take advantage of being displaced. Visit friends or check out those cool spots you've driven past but never had time to stop and visit. We enjoyed spending time at local libraries and bookstores.

5. Plan to eat out. Or invite yourself to friends' homes for dinner. Spend quality with friends and family. Pick a variety of restaurants; otherwise, you end up defaulting to the same ones and it gets old really fast. Enjoy the freedom of not having to grocery shop, cook, and clean the kitchen!

6. Let go of the mess. Try your best to not let the chaos affect you because it's all just part of the process. Again, envision the end. Do light cleaning in the areas you still use to make living there bearable, but just realize: construction is messy. Hire cleaners to do a deep cleaning at the end if it's too overwhelming to do it all yourself.

7. Once you've made decisions about the kitchen, try not to second guess your choices.

Have you done a kitchen remodel recently? What's your advice?

(Image: From Andi's kitchen renovation — read all about it here on Apartment Therapy.)

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