From the Web to Real Life: Emoticon Paper Stamp

From the Web to Real Life: Emoticon Paper Stamp

Taryn Williford
May 5, 2010

Most of our communication is happening online these days. That's good for two reasons: One, it's fast. Two, it's easy to type out little emotive faces from punctuation marks like colons and parentheses. Now that emoticons have taken over the traditional round smiley face as the cartoon face of emotions, it's time that school teachers' rubber stamps caught up.

Perfect for marking a birthday card or for giving your wedding invitations that extra bit of "geek," this Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp takes a cue from those date stamps librarians use to give you a rubber stamp that's capable of marking everything from tragedy to complete euphoria in adorable little anime punctuation faces.

The little stamp packs a punch with seven belts and 20 symbols, giving you over 2,000 emoticons. Some will be easier to decipher than others:

"Kaoiro" literally means "face expression" and you will love using different color inks to make wacky patterns. Some of the faces are easy to decipher at first glance, while you might need a Japanese friend to explain others. Either way, this is a unique office gadget and one of the most fun we've seen in a while.

Grab one from Japan Trend Shop for $51. Or, you know, save your money and write out punctuation marks with a pen. Whatever.

Via OhGizmo!

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