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Front Loading Washing Machines and Mold

updated May 9, 2019
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A recent discussion with our neighbor Heidi about the moldy smell we have both experienced from our front loading washing machine got us thinking about mildew again…..

Judging by a post last year, it was apparent we were not the only ones. While high-efficiency compact front-loading washing machines are great space savers, many people have complained about the strange smell after they run a wash – both from the the laundry and the machine itself. It seems there are serious mold issues with some of these washers. Mildew can be caused by a build up of detergents and fabric softeners – this can be exasperated by front loading washers because moisture accumulates at both the inside surface of the door and the interior.

So, Heidi did her research. She tried leaving the door open after washes, a vinegar solution, an ammonia solution and wiping the rubber rim after her wash, all to no avail. In a last ditch effort, she ordered special washing machine cleanser, “Smelly Washer” (it was mentioned in the comment section of our earlier post). She put a cap full in and ran her machine empty and then added a teaspoon of to her regular load. In just 3 washes, the smell was gone. Amazing.

Thanks to our AT readers, we are odor free (well, at least our laundry is). Smelly Washer. Who knew?