These Bath Towels Are So Luxurious, My Family Actually Fights Over Them (Bonus: They’re on Sale!)

updated Dec 27, 2021
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Like so many city dwellers, I temporarily moved back home with my parents during the pandemic. Since I get the benefit of living rent-free and indulging in my mother’s delicious home-cooked meals, I figured the least I could do is to share some of the lifestyle goodies I get to test as an AT editor with my folks. One product that’s caused a rather hilarious rivalry in my home are Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towels, which are so absorbent and plush that everyone in my family (including me) actually scrambles to get hold of them first on laundry day.

So, what’s so marvelous about these towels that make my household rush to the dryer? For one, you’ll notice right out of the package that they’re of superior quality: super thick and plush, and also cotton candy-soft. Made from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton woven to 700 GSM, these towels can actually withstand lots of moisture and dry in no time. I’ve been able to dry my body and also my thick, curly hair fresh out of the shower without being left with a sopping wet towel.

They’ve also held up beautifully in between wash cycles. Frontgate’s resort towels are made with a “zero twist” process that plumps and stabilizes the yarn and keeps the cotton fibers from shedding. I chose the color French Blue, and while I’ve noticed an ever-so-slight slight fading in its previous cosmic midnight shade, I haven’t seen a single stray fiber unravel. When it’s my turn to use this towel, it feels like total treat — almost like stepping out of a sauna at a five-star resort. The feeling of being wrapped in it is reminiscent of the luxurious feeling you get at a fancy spa. Frankly, it’s hard to go back to using anything else once you’ve experienced them.

But spa feelings aside, I truly knew these towels were something to behold when my stepfather, who isn’t impressed by much, made several trips to the linen closet looking for them. “These towels are excellent,” he said to me one evening, before asking, “Is there any way you can get more?” *I quickly added the Frontgate towels to everyone’s Christmas list.*

All in all, if your current towels are in serious need of an upgrade and you’re ready to invest in new ones that are made to last, Frontgate’s resort cotton bath towels are some of the best that money can buy. Right now is actually the perfect time to take the plunge, as they’re part of Frontgate’s Labor Day sale, along with other quality home finds. But purchase with caution: These towels will pamper you to the point of no return.

Buy: Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel, $37.80 (normally $42)