Frou Salinas Bed

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Reading in bed is one of life’s pleasures, right up there with eating a hearty meal on an empty stomach or enjoying a hot bath on a cold evening. Our bed is always surrounded by a small army of bound material, piles of read/unread magazines, and other assorted material which we’ve finished or plan to consume in the near future. How wonderful Flou has created a bedframe for bedtime readers like ourselves, with their
Salina bedframe , complete with side book storage and a hidden storage underneath the slatted mattress support. A great idea for maximizing space and utility for small space living.

Too bad the price tag for such a great idea is out of reach from most of us. Sweet dreams trying to purchase such a pricey bed on our budget. This seems like an idea for a weekend woodshop warrior to replicate using more affordable woods and some hand know-how, dontcha think? Looks like a retro Popular Mechanics home project waiting to be revived if you ask us!