Fuez Recycled Glass Counters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re on the West Coast and looking for an alternative to Icestone or other hard surfaces made with recycled glass, check out Fuez.

The green story here is mainly that the material contains recycled glass. Darker colors also contain fly ash, a byproduct of coal power plants, a proven way to make concrete less energy intensive. And the company also claims that the product is produced using mostly wind energy, which is nice.

The company’s location in Oregon means that heavy, finished slabs are made closer to West Coast job sites, potentially producing less carbon for the part of the journey from manufacturer to home than a similar order from, say, Fuez‘s biggest competitor, Icestone, which is located on the East Coast.

We like the terrazzo-like gleam of this type of surface, but it can be quite cumbersome and expensive to work with the slabs: professional fabrication is a must. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for a product that puts recycled glass into a thin, strong, and DIY-friendly tile.