Fuji Presents Pet-Friendly Digital Camera

Fuji Presents Pet-Friendly Digital Camera

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 15, 2010

You know, we were just complaining about this over the weekend. No matter what setting we have our digital camera on, we can't seem to get a decent shot of our adorable cats. There's just something about pets and digital cameras that only allow the two to mix when your furry friend is in the middle of their late morning coma.

Our cat Gizmo has some of the most amazing green eyes that just light up when he's sitting on our Karlstad Ikea sofa in Korndal green, but I can never quite capture it on a memory card. He either closes his eye, or the flash goes off making him look like Church in Pet Sematary. So will Fujifilm be my savior?

Jury's still out.

Fujifilm recently announced a new camera, the Z700EXR, they claim is the world's first with dog and cat face recognition. According to them, if the camera recognizes that an animal is in frame, it will automatically ideal focus and exposure settings.

There are limitations though, many of which prevent the camera from dealing with common pet photography issues.

  • Detection of dogs/cats that have large patches around the eyes or nose (especially black patches) can be difficult.
  • Detection of blackish dark colored dogs/cats can be difficult.
  • Detection of dogs/cats without much contrast between facial parts (eyes and nose) and their overall body color can be difficult.
  • Detection of wrinkly, short muzzled face can be difficult.
  • Detection can be difficult if the distance between the eyes and tip of nose is comparatively long (dogs with long nose can be difficult to detect when shooting down from an angle).
  • Dection of cats with thin faces can be difficult.
  • Detection of dogs with hair covering the eyes, nose or entire face can be difficult.
  • Detection of cats with hair covering the facial contour can be difficult.
  • Detection of dogs/cats that are constantly in motion cannot be recognized.
  • Detection of dogs/cats in a backlit situation can be difficult.

Sounds like this whole "pet detection" feature is a bit bogus. Anyone have experience with it or have tips of how to take great animal snaps with standard digital cameras?

via Dogster

(Images: ATLA, Fujifilm)

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