I’m Anti-Sponge, So This $14 Dish Brush Is My New Forever Staple

published Feb 3, 2024
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Washing dishes, especially when they require hand washing and scrubbing, is one of my least favorite chores. As someone who cooks a lot on the stovetop and has a family that eats oatmeal daily, I’m a frequent scrubber, but anti-sponge. I don’t like the feel of them, how they squish and stay wet forever. Plus, sponges can be full of bacteria. Because of this, I only use dish brushes. 

Recently, it came time to replace my brush and I ventured to a new product: the Full Circle FOMO Foam Soap Dispensing Dish Brush. I love it much more than previous purchases, and there are several reasons why.

Quick Overview

Why I Love the Full Circle FOMO Foam Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

  • The design is attractive.
  • It doesn’t leak. 
  • It’s reusable and refillable.
  • It’s sturdy.

The design is attractive. 

The dish brush design is more attractive than the plastic ones I usually get. The brown bristles and bamboo finish on the handle look nice in a “mid-century modern” way that matches the rest of my house. Such a small intentional design choice generally doesn’t matter to me, but it’s a nice bonus. Having an attractive piece of cleaning equipment on a clean counter puts me in a good mood and motivates me to keep the area clean.

It doesn’t leak and you use less soap.

Many brushes have a canister for soap or soapy water, but, unlike many of those products, this one doesn’t leak. This canister makes a soapy water solution in the handle and there’s a small spring-loaded button you press to dispense soapy foam as you’re scrubbing. Because it creates a foam, you use less soap than when you put dish soap directly onto a brush. You can also squirt dish soap or soak things and then use the brush without the additional soapy water dispensation. 

It’s reusable and refillable.

The soap section is clear so you know how much soap you have left, and there are easy-to-read levels to tell you how much soap and water to include. The brush top is detachable for cleaning and replacement once the bristles get too worn. 

It’s sturdy.

The bristles are sturdier than several brushes I’ve owned before, which makes it easier to scrub stubborn cooked-on bits on pots and casserole dishes. Because the brush stands on its own, it dries quickly and I don’t have streaks of soapy water on my countertop from having to rest a non-standing brush. I’ve been impressed by how sturdy the stand is. Even with my old, loud dishwasher going right below it, it doesn’t fall over.