Fun with Type: Alphabet Cushions by Elsie Dodds

Pillows and illustration and type…oh my! Not only do these cushions easily combine three of my favorite ways to decorate my home, they do it in a fun and witty way. Notice that the ” A”pillow features illustrations of an airplane, an ambulance, an arrow and an apple. The “R” pillow has a rabbit, a railroad, a rainbow and a rooster. And so it goes.

Found over at Better Living Through Design, these cushions are by Elsie Dodds, a soft furnishing and homeware accessory design label by Edinburgh based designer Catherine Rozdoba-Hallows for “children and adults to share and enjoy, to encourage curious natures and stimulate imaginations.”

So while these pillows are great learning tools for you parents out there, they will also look great on the couches of the childless due to their use of hip colors and even hipper illustration.

These Alphabet Cushions are currently only sold in the UK, but can be shipped to the US (and around the world) via Moletamunro.

Images: Elsie Dodds