Before and After: This $130 Bathroom Makeover Colors Outside the Lines

published Mar 21, 2019
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(Image credit: Boobalootchi)

Anne-Claire recently completely a guest bathroom makeover and was so pleased with the results of that project that her own master bathroom suddenly looked, in comparison, a little sad and cluttered. She decided to change up that one too, but wanted to keep the project small and cheap (and doable), so major moves—like changing the tiles—were not an option. The whole project took a week and cost around $130.

(Image credit: Boobalootchi)

Anne-Claire—@boobalootchi on Instagram—loves color and thinks that bathrooms, especially tiny ones like this one, need a little bit of fun. The bright over-the-top yellow paint job isn’t subtle, and it’s just the ticket. Anne-Claire explains how it all came about:

I know that slate tiles can be pretty, but mine have shades of dark pink here and there, which makes it quite difficult to work with other colors. So I decided to go with the most neutral color for the walls: a bright, crisp white. The white brought a nice contrast with the tiles and almost made the shades of pink disappear. I didn’t want to disrupt that clean contrast, so I added a third color as an accent wall. That’s how the idea of a bright big yellow sun happened.

(Image credit: Boobalootchi)

The paint job wasn’t the only thing Anne-Claire did to the bathroom. She also created some new doors for the previously open vanity out of pine, which look fresh and bright after the dark vanity before. She used the same wood to also build some new shelves, including one that becomes narrow above the sink. (This extra little storage near the sink was a life-changer, she says.)

The mirror is part of a recessed medicine cabinet, and Anne-Claire didn’t want to lose the storage by swapping it out with a new one. To give the existing mirror a little more character, she built a white wooden frame with rounded corners and attached it to the medicine cabinet door.

Anne-Claire is pretty pleased with the whole project:

The bathroom is still tiny but it is so fun and happy now. I love it. I also really appreciate having doors on the vanity, so that I can hide everything that I don’t want to see, and keep only the minimum on the open shelves.

Thanks Anne-Claire!