Functional iPad 2 Cases That Allow Mix & Matching

Functional iPad 2 Cases That Allow Mix & Matching

Range Govindan
Dec 16, 2011

iPad cases are a dime a dozen, but what happens when you need not just one to do everything, but a few that work well together. Trying to find the one case that will rule them all isn't easy and we haven't found it, but this combination of cases takes care of all of our needs.

We recently decided to try out a 3G iPad 2 in order to see if we'd be able to reduce the weight of our daily pack. We have and our pack has gotten so much lighter that we actually needed to use a lighter and smaller bag. While the iPad isn't a MacBook replacement, it sure is fun to have around, especially when you can access the Internet from anywhere. In Asia, 3G service is pretty strong, so we can even use it in our basement.

The first thing we suggest is that if you go case shopping, it's best to lug your iPad around with you so that you'll be able to try out the cases and ensure that they will fit together. We needed a few different things from our cases, including a keyboard, a lightweight form factor, and something safe as well as durable to use at home.

Our most frequently used cases include the Apple Smart Cover, coupled with a Moshi iGlaze, both of which are inserted into the Fonemax Microfiber Soft Case. The Fonemax case also accepts the iPad with the Logitech Keyboard Case.

1. Logitech Keyboard Case This is definitely a handsome and functional case/keyboard combo. It was obvious that this would be our go-to Bluetooth keyboard. It functions well and is still very usable, despite being smaller than normal keyboards. If you are using another case on your iPad and try to use the case, you'll find that the slot to dock your iPad will only accept the slimmest of cases, like the Moshi iGlaze. We've noticed that you also need to be careful when touching the screen of our iPad while docked, since if you touch too hard, the tablet will pop out. There's less of a chance of this happening if you don't use another case.

2. Apple Smart Cover We couldn't resist getting this, since it doubles as a stand and is so handy to have around. It works well, but you'll need to find a case that's compatible with it in order to protect the back of your iPad. If you're using a case, you might only be able to use the stand in one side.

3. Moshi iGlaze This case covers the back of your iPad to protect it against scratches, spills, etc. It's compatible with the Smart Cover, which makes it a nice, thin combo for daily use. The case is very thin, about 1.8mm, so you barely notice it when you use your iPad. The only problem we have with it is that it only allows you to use the Smart Cover as a stand on one side, not both.

4. Fonemax Microfiber Soft Case This handmade leather case works with not only iPads, but other 10-inch tablets. There is ample room for a variety of thicknesses. It might even accept a MacBook Air. We like it because it's padded, soft to the touch, and can store all of the combinations that we like to take on the road. It has enough space for the iPad in a Smart Cover, Moshi iGlaze, and the Logitech Keyboard Case (a bit snug, but no problems). It can also easily fit the iPad when it's in the Logitech Keyboard Case.

5. Moshi Origo The Moshi Origo is a larger case, made out of silicone, that will really protect your iPad against falls. We like to slip it on when we lounge about with the iPad at home. It can be slipped over the iPad when the iGlaze is on, but the fit is somewhat tight.

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