7 Sunshades That Will Brighten Your Day (And Darken Your Car)

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Credit: Etsy/DesignCarSeatCovers

If you’ve parked a car in the sun in excessively hot weather, you know that cars are basically ovens in the sun. The temperature inside can quickly surpass the temperature outside by a lot. Luckily, sunshades can help, which can help keep steering wheels from being at a hand-burning temp.

Of course, you can find simple sunshades in solids, but there are also ones with fun designs, including with some of your favorite characters. Check out these smile-worthy sunshades we’ve hand-plucked from the Internet for you:

Credit: Etsy/DesignCarSeatCovers

This one is not only a nod to Harry Potter for super fans, but it’s a funny one. For drivers that are especially fond of the Ron-and-Harry duo, this shade is a sun-blocking dream.

Credit: DesignCarSeatCovers/Etsy

With a similar aesthetic to the Harry/Ron sunshade, this classic Batman/Robin piece is iconic, humorous, and functional. 

Credit: Etsy/DesignCarSeatCovers

If you’re into Minions, don’t be ashamed! They’re hilarious creatures with great branding, to boot. Also, they’re not just for kids. So while this sunshade may be extra perfect for a family’s minivan, it’s also perfect for just you, too. There are no sunshade rules!

Credit: Amazon/Golden Girls

Keeping on the “Will Make You Laugh” track here, this Golden Girls sunshade is pretty amazing. Let this quartet of feisty and seasoned ladies ward off UV rays while you’re gone.

Credit: Walmart

Dogs are our best friends, right? We trust them to guard all kinds of things in all sorts of situations, so maybe tasking them with protecting us from extreme heat also makes sense. These two cuties are at the ready and available for your windshield today. 

Credit: Amazon/Plasticolor

Star Wars obsessives are going to want to see this sunshade. Who better to zap away harmful heat that stems from space than a few Star Wars standbys?

Credit: Amazon/JUST FUNKY

On the note of contending with unseen forces, the Ghostbusters gang is also a great fit for your car. **If there’s something strange in your vehicle, who you gonna call**

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these before you have to experience the agony that is trying to sit down on your car’s lava-hot seats.