17 Valentine’s Day Cards That Actually Fit Your Relationship

published Feb 1, 2018
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Hopeless romanticism aside, I’ll be the first to admit that true love doesn’t always look like it does in the movies. (Just ask how much my husband hates it when I finish his sentences… even though that’s really a sign of how perfect we are for each other, obviously.)

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of spending way too much time trolling the card aisle at your nearest Target — only to come up with an over-the-top cheesy option that will probably never truly fit the nuances of your real life affection — why not spend that time tracking down a card that’s 100 percent applicable to the ins, outs, quirks and overall idiosyncrasies of your relationship?

Here are 17 options — from cute to snarky — to get you started.

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If time flies when you’re together, this card is the perfect way to say “I love you” and coerce your one true love into helping you out with your New Years’ resolutions at the same time. Get it: Emily McDowell, $4.50

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This one’s for the avowed introverts out there. Because you know true love is actually just not wanting to hide from someone. Get it: Knotty Cards, $4.50

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If you can’t embrace your inner nerd with your significant other, when can you? Get it: Paper Source, $5.99

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Not all Valentine’s Day cards need to go to someone you’re dating. Sometimes love looks like a card sent to your snarkiest single friend instead. Get it: Paper Source, $4.95

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This card is perfect for the person who knows exactly where he or she fits into your relationship hierarchy, and loves you just the same. Get it: Bulletin, $4

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For when your Valentine is the product of a real-life, modern love story. Sometimes you have to swipe through a lot of weirdos to find the well-adjusted human you’re looking for. Get it: Knotty Cards, $4.50

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Because it’s totally okay to mix affection and truth into one (hopefully well-received) Valentine’s Day card. Get it: Emily McDowell, $4.50

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This card works for pretty much anyone in your life: significant others, best friends, siblings, pets…the sky is the limit. Plus, I hear this is what unconditional love is all about. Get it: Tick Tock Press, $4.50

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In vino veritas. This card says it all without getting overly sentimental. (That’s what those alcohol-induced texts are for, anyway.) Get it: Studio Boketto, $3.75

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Sometimes, the secret to a really great relationship is being able to read between the lines. And eventually agree on what should be included in your Seamless order. Get it: Emily McDowell, $4.50

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Perfect for new relationships, this card gets the whole Valentine’s Day conversation out in the air…and also makes it clear that you’re up for treating it like any other Wednesday. Or not. The choice is totally up to the two of you. Get it: The Card Bureau, $5

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This one’s for the grammar enthusiasts out there. You know who you are. Get it: Bettie Confetti, $4

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Looking for a Valentine’s Day card option for all your favorite people? This 24-pack of Valentine’s memes ought to do the trick, and keep the conversation from getting too sappy. Get it: Urban Outfitters, $12

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This camel says it all – with just the right amount of sass, too. Get it: Paper Source, $5.95

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Whether or not your relationship began with an eye-roll-inducing pickup line, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to forgo long-winded declarations of love and dust off a more unique conversation starter or two. Get it: Paper Source, $6.95

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Leaving this one right here for any millennials whose love language really is avocados. Get it: Sioux Alice, $3.45

(Image credit: Emily McDowell)

You know what’s really worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day? Friendship. Because who else would you turn to when your significant other starts making questionable fashion decisions? Get it: Emily McDowell, $4.50

Are any of these options speaking your language? Let us know below!