Thin Black Lines Collection: Furniture & Accessories

Like Sharpie drawings come to life, each tubular steel design in the Thin Black Lines collection shifts from 2D flatness to 3D materiality in the blink of an eye. I first featured a chair from this Nendo collection in my post on London Design Week 2010. Since then, I’ve come across several additional pieces from this Japanese designer, and thought you might appreciate a more in-depth look at the collection.

Nendo means “clay” in Japanese — a word that aptly describes the shifting quality of Oki Sato’s work. His goal is to reshape the everyday into something more memorable — to enrich people’s lives by giving them “a small “!”moment,” when they encounter his designs. (I don’t know about you, but I’d say — mission accomplished!)

1. 13600mm-chair. Curvy in all the right places.
2. 10700mm-table. Because sometimes you need a little extra room at the table.
3. 770mm-vase. An idea that doesn’t hold water, but man, what it could do for an arrangement of twigs!
4. 7400mm-table. Nesting tables step it up a bit.
5. 20200mm-lamp (large) & 12200mm-lamp (small). A whole different kind of birdcage.
6. 3450mm-mirror. I love imagining what I’d put on those shelves. Books? A small vase of flowers? A cocktail to sip while I get ready?
7. 5200mm-stool. I’ve got a line on a great bench…
8. 7300mm-hanger rack. Way more stylish than a clunky rolling rack from the hardware store!

Prices available on request.

For images and information on the complete collection, visit Phillips de Pury & Company.