Furniture Purchase & Placement Suggestions?

Q: We live in an 1910 Edwardian home and our “sitting room” is throwing me for a total loop! I swear I’m up at night pondering the furniture layout over and over again in my head, blah! The room is set up as follows; One of the walls has the fireplace and two doorways that lead to the hallway and kitchen. Two of the other walls have archways that lead to the TV room and dining area.The last wall houses a large window and radiator.

We would really love any help with what scale and pieces of furniture to purchase and where to place them so the room works for entertaining and keeps some sort of flow. The added bonus is we are starting from scratch with the one exception that I’d like to keep at least one of my grandmother’s high backed chairs and have it re-upholstered in a modern fabric. The room measures 12.6ft x 13.8ft, the archway to the dining area is 8.10ft and the one leading to the TV room is 6ft.

** My last floorplan idea was a bench/daybed where the couch is now, a smaller lighter feeling couch/loveseat in front of the window and the chair or chairs flanking the other archway leading into the tv room. Thoughts?

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