Fussy Cut Wall Art Tutorial

Fabric is one of our favorite ways to use color and pattern in a room and you’re not limited to using it as bedding. Erin is a new blogger and in the great tradition of craft bloggers has shared a tutorial. Hers is for making fussy cut wall art – perfect for adding pops of color or for using up small fabric scraps.

Erin notes that you will have to have some sewing experience, but her photo tutorial is so well done that a very novice sewer shouldn’t have any problem. It’s also an ideal introduction for people who are interested in quilting, but want to start small.

Travel over to Erin’s blog, Smallest Sparrow, where she walks you through this project. If you share Erin’s interest in sewing and quilting, keep your eye on her blog for lots of projects.

Thanks Erin!

(Images: Erin McCarthy)