A Look at the Future of Screen Technology

A Look at the Future of Screen Technology

Mike Tyson
Sep 8, 2010

It's often fun to examine the possibilities of a technologically advanced future, 1000 years away. Images of hover crafts, meal pills, and teleporters often come to mind. But what about the near future? What types of technological advances should we expect to see in our lifetime? Obviously, the recent debut of mass produced touch screens and their applications has been a huge hit. Just recently we highlighted the possibilities of turning your tablet into a digital picture frame. But what if these touch screens were even more ubiquitous than they are today? Swedish technology and design firm TAT created an interesting look into what could very well be our near future. But should it be?

Malleable screens, digital mirrors and desks, smarter work environments and more intelligent UIs are all part of this hyper-stimulated world where our need for information is being met even while performing even the most mundane tasks. There is no doubt that the technology suggested in the video would enhance our communication efforts. But is this all positive news?

Interestingly enough, the New York Times published a series of articles last month entitled "Your Brain on Computers". One of the articles that particularly struck a chord with us was Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime. In it, the article references many physiological studies that prove the brain needs downtime in order to process our events and register them as lasting memories. Our current hyper-stimulated world is already giving us great difficulties in achieving this. These findings, of course, seem to run contrary to the video presented above.

What do you think? If the technology presented in the fictional video above becomes reality, would it have a positive or negative affect on society? We believe it all comes down to control and being able to limit your exposure. But the question becomes: how good are we as a society of having self-control?

[initial video found via Swiss Miss]

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