Gabriele's Asymmetric IKEA Besta Hack From Italy

Gabriele's Asymmetric IKEA Besta Hack From Italy

Range Govindan
Dec 14, 2010

This interesting-looking home entertainment center hack comes courtesy from Gabriele, and there are some good reasons why it stands out from the crowd. It's wall-mounted, so it seems to float and it's asymmetrical, which is always a nice touch when you want something distinctive.

Gabriele and his wire are from Rome, Italy, and they wanted a home entertainment center that was simple and clean. It would also need to have enough room to store a variety of components, video game consoles, and accessories. The trick was finding that had ample storage and that wouldn't look too cluttered once it was set up. They decided to choose an IKEA Besta to start off with.

They bought a total of 8 shelving units, 6 of them in the same size (16×15"), and two somewhat larger (16×25"). These units were hunt up onto a wall using plugs. They used a striking asymmetrical design, placing both larger shelving units at opposites sides of each other, to create a contrast of sorts. Then, they drilled some holes to create a custom cable management system. They didn't want any dangling wires. The HDTV is placed on the top of one of the two shelving units.

Extra storage was created by integrating some drawers to place DVDs, games, and console accessories to keep things nice and tidy. They had to hack a few IKEA drawers so that this would work, due to the fact that IKEA didn't have the right dimensions available.

This entertainment center looks really good since it's very minimal. This tendency could be heightened by placing all of the components and accessories that we see placed on it inside the drawers. If you are using an RF universal remote control, then you don't have to worry about being able to control your the components of your home theater system; RF allows you to control devices through walls, so it won't have any problems going through a drawer.

Since there is a unit that is placed above the HDTV, it's in a perfect spot for some overhead lighting spots. If they are placed well, they could enhance the look of this home entertainment center. Another option would include actually wall-mounting the HDTV, to give the whole home theater a more airy feel to it. In this case, we'd suggest using some LED lights placed behind the HDTV as ambient lighting. You could place other LED strips behind the shelves, creating diffuse lighting, which is suitable when playing video games or watching movies. To perfect this look, make sure that the actual strips are invisible; only the light should be seen.

All in all, it's a good home entertainment center that was created using run of the mill IKEA furniture. The beauty is that it looks good while not being that expensive to put together.

(via Ikeahacker)

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