Good Question: Galap Rocker

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Reader Heather e-mails us and asks, “I’ve been interested in purchasing the Galap Rocker for sometime now, but am not sure how sturdy it is. I know some of your readers out there probably own one, so I’d love to hear what they have to say about them. They look absolutely adorable, but haven’t seen one in person. I’m just nervous about my daughter having a rocker in general. Will she smoosh her foot? Smash her fingers? My fears are endless! Any comments would be greatly appreciated.”

Good question, Heather. While we don’t have the Galap Rocker, we do have a mini rocker for our son. We were a bit worried about potential rocking chair accidents (cat tail, toes, fingers) but were relieved to find that he went with the flow and we have nothing to report, as far as accidents go.

Like you, we think the Galap is great looking. We love the lines and the variety of colors it’s available in. Well, readers — do you own the Galap? What can you share with Heather about it?