Gallery Wall Burnout: 5 Ways to Take a Break from the Trend

Gallery Wall Burnout: 5 Ways to Take a Break from the Trend

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 22, 2015
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Confession: I'm still head-over-heels for a great wall art collage. In fact, it's hardly a "trend" and more of a classic design tool that looks great in just about every type of home. BUT, if you're starting to feel like this look is overused, there are some alternative ideas you can experiment with in your home. Try one of these ideas out instead of — or in conjunction with! — a gallery wall today.

The leaning array

What's better than displaying all your favorite art pieces in a carefully arranged art collage you then hang on the wall? Why, saving your wall the holes and your arms (and brain) the math and effort required to install them. Leaning your art collection — on a shelf, on a tabletop, on the floor — not only instantly effects a casual, "I can go along with anything" kind of attitude, it's also great for playing around with layering, a sophisticated design principle that really makes a room seem fuller and more interesting.

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The soft something

It's true, the trend of woven wall hangings is definitely pretty overused as well, but the residue it left behind in our minds — that softness can look pretty darn rad in an interior space on a wall — is an important effect of the trend. You can still go for a woven wall hanging if you want to, but those aren't the only soft things in the world worth hanging. Consider going for rugs, fashion or your idea of a stylish soft thing you'd want decorating your wall.

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The oversized DIY art

It's a no-brainer that giant, dramatic, oversized art makes for a great addition to home and eliminates the need to fill that big wall with a lot of little pieces of art. But few of us can afford this kind of art investment. Thankfully, many of us can try our hand at DIYing it.

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A bold move, and the easiest of these alternatives to implement. In fact, you can try this alternative before any of the other ideas in this post!

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From the popularity of hanging plants from the ceiling now, to the various ways you can create plant installations on the wall as well, plants have become a perfectly lovely and decorative alternative to art (though do require a bit more effort to maintain in the long run).

An asymmetrical statement

Sometimes what your wall needs is not a perfectly choreographed assemblage of art pieces with uniform spaces in between. Sometimes it doesn't even need multiple pieces. Hanging one art piece, even if (especially if?) it's a little too small for the wall area becomes an intentional, powerful and bold statement when it's hung off-center on purpose.

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