Game Changers: 5 Small Ideas That Make a BIG Difference in Your Home’s Decor

published Oct 3, 2014
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(Image credit: Jill Slater)

You could work hard or you could work smart to add interest and personality to your home. Guess which one we like? Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, a drop of inspiration to spark a big, impactful change. Try these ideas on for size.

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(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

1.Unique Paint — Who paints walls all one color? Not you! Think outside the wall-shaped box and tweak your paint job until it sings.

(Image credit: Caitlyn Cartlidge)

2. Multiples — One great thing becomes exponentially more interesting when it’s part of a group. Just look at the photo above. One rug would have been perfectly serviceable (if expected) but a patchwork of similar yet different rugs? Perfection.

(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

3. Statement pieces — Bigger and bolder IS better when you want an easy way to add tons of pizazz. Invest in a statement piece and make it count!

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

4. Outdoors indoors — Adding plenty of greenery not only changes the look but also the feel of your space, making it instantly fresher and calmer. Black thumb? Treat yourself to fresh cut flowers to get all the wow without the watering.

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

5. Double duty — The best decor has something unexpected, something surprising and more often than not, it’s because someone ignored what it was “supposed” to be and saw it for what it could be. Don’t get boxed in by your brain! You may surprise yourself with your own creativity.