Calling All “Game of Thrones” Fans! You Can Get Your Own Pack of Direwolves

published Mar 31, 2019
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“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” – You to your best friend when they try to steal your TV-watching seat on a Sunday night. As every “Game of Thrones” lover knows, there are only two weeks until one of the best TV shows to ever air on HBO returns. After an extremely lengthy hiatus, the series is returning for an eighth and final season. If you’re looking for something to hold onto while you weep over the deaths of your favorite characters (because we know *someone* is going to die), why not grab a direwolf?

Obviously, you can’t cuddle up with the real thing. But, you can snuggle with a plush direwolf! Which is probably much safer. Thanks to PopSugar, we now know that a 6-pack plush direwolf set exists!

As you may remember, we first saw direwolves in season one of “Game of Thrones.” After Ned Stark had to execute the Night’s Watch deserter, he, Jon Snow, Bran, Robb, and Theon Greyjoy stumbled upon a litter of direwolf cubs. At first, they thought there were only five pups, which was coincidental for the five legitimate Stark children. But then a little white direwolf was found and granted upon Jon. Each of the Stark children got their own direwolf, Robb taking Grey Wind, Sansa taking Lady, Bran taking Summer, Arya taking Nymeria, and Rickon got Shaggydog. Jon aptly named his white direwolf Ghost and throughout the series, Ghost has come in handy many times. Sadly, the Stark children’s direwolves did not fare well. Only Ghost and Nymeria are still alive, though Nymeria was set free all the way back in season one. When Nymeria and Arya did reunite in season seven, they didn’t have the heartfelt reunion fans could have hoped for.

(Image credit: Target)

While we no longer get to see most of these direwolves on screen, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love them all. Target just recently introduced this plush set of direwolf cubs for $74. Since this is a hot ticket item, it has already gone out of stock at Target.

While they might not be online, you can check your local Target to see if they’re on the shelves in stores. However, you can still get these plush direwolves from Amazon. Because they are in high demand, the price is higher on Amazon. Target is still advertising the direwolf set on their “Game of Thrones” landing page on their website, so we can hope they’ll come back in stock at Target soon. Who wants to spend extra money if they don’t have to?

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