Garbage Lamps: Repurposed Kitchenware By Gilles Eichenbaum

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is something so appealing and industrial about stainless steel kitchenware. It’s just nice to look at. I think it’s even nicer when you repurpose it and move it out of the kitchen. These lamps by Gilles Eichenbaum are all made using recycled materials and they look amazing.

1. The technocrat The base of this lamp is a meat grinder which allows it to clamp to tables, desks or benches.
2. Ouarzazate Made from a bowl this simple hanging lamp has been perforated to allow a soft filtered light and delicate pattern.
3. Soupe au Lait This suspension lamp was made using soup spoons and a milk filter.
4. Zepp-Paris II Who knew you could make a gorgeous table lamp using parts of an espresso maker, a colander and glass.

(image source: garbage)