From Flora to Fauna

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We never thought we’d partition a small space further, but this weekend we gave in to the demands of our expanding family and turned the dining room into a bedroom by dooring off its entry and exit.

To compensate for the loss of fluidity, we’re going to cheer up our rented white walls by colorwashing all the doors, each one a slightly different shade. Maybe a soothing palette of soft blues, peaches, and aquamarines? We’ll post color ideas later this week. We’ll also continue to blog the assembly of the household earthquake kit and we’ll be posting the winner of the Greenest Thumb! contest. Our June gardening focus winds down this week, and starting in July we’ll blog a whole new theme: living with pets.

As always, we’re interested in your favorite tips and resources, and we continue to look for homes to tour, a la Jill’s Inside Out over at the mother ship in NY, so if you know one (or have one) that you think should be shared, be in touch!