The Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

The Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Mike Cave
Oct 28, 2011

With all the zombie chatter every where these days, it is pretty common knowledge that the zombie apocalypse is impending. Do you have a survival plan? You should but if are a a little behind in the planning stages, here some products that will help you get by the initial wave of the undead.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles are a high priced toy, but one that might help you navigate the dark and avoid the undead as you wander streets, the woods, or any other unlit section of the zombie apocalypse landscape. See up to 50 feet in complete darkness, while looking like an extra from Star Trek the Next Generation's Borg episodes.

BRAINS! Every zombie is going to want yours, so the first thing you should be doing is protecting it. Consider a helmet ($25) to cover that cranium, but make sure to keep your peripheral vision clear as you don't want any nasty surprises coming from your sides.

Hey, guess what? When things go pear shaped and the city is in shambles, charging up your electronics is going to be a whole lot difficult unless you plan advance. And your best bet while on the go is going to be a solar based charging system, striking a balance with a larger array for more power and the portability to fold it up and make a run for it when the undead masses arrive. The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Foldable Solar Panel from REI should suffice for smaller handheld device charging (you probably won't be toting that MacBook Pro around), and it's just $80.

Close-quarter encounters are going to happen when the walkers take over. We recommend avoiding stumbling onto revived corpses, but if it happens, you should probably have something to beat off the baddies. The latest in baseball bats ($100 and up) combines carbon nanotubes and metal alloys to make sure that your bludgeoning knows no bounds. Stay away from wooden models though; they make a fantastic sound but break way too easily. You don't want to be caught with just a stick in your hands when you have dead hands on your legs.

Lost your bat? Sure, something like a shotgun comes in handy, but in a world where ammo is going to be rare and rarer still, using reusable weaponry like a carbon fiber crossbow is going to come in handy for undead hunting season. It's quiet, easy to maintain and carry, silent when used, and you do your favourite Daryl Dixon impersonation while toting it around.

Transportation is going to be key during the zombie apocalypse and while we would suggest finding anything you can to get away, you might be lucky enough to have a choice in the matter. A 4x4 vehicle (FREE because the salesman tried to eat you) is ideal for making speed bumps out of those moaning to get closer and you should consider the pluses and minuses of sun roofs. You may feel comfortable shooting zombies with the wind in your hair but make sure your realize these guys like to cling. We don't want you becoming a meal on the go.

Communication or lack of could be the ultimate decider when it comes to your fate in the ensuing battle for survival. Keep everyone in your party connected with a AA battery powered walkie-talkie ($60 for two). AA batteries will be much easier to find than a charging station while you are the go, and trust us, you will be on the go. Stay close to each other as much as possible in any event and remember, the buddy system does work.

Good luck out there and make sure you keep your head...

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