Gadget Organizer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you can come up with a small amount of space, you can have a dedicated space to charge and store all of your gadgets and their respective cords and chargers. has a 4-minute episode — #108, click here to watch — on turning a 12-pair Shoe Organizer from the Container Store into a charging and storage center.

The demonstration uses a spade bit in which to drill holes in the back of the shoe organizer. The next step (not shown) is to mount a powerstrip on the back of the shoe organizer. Labels affixed on the edge of each cubby keep everything in it’s place.

Also recommended by a viewer, and we concur, is the use of a Forstner bit to drill instead of a spade bit (note that the picture of the bit in the link is a pretty vicious looking bit, they’re not all like that). But Forstner bits are more expensive than spade bits, so it’s your call.

The shoe organizer is under 1′ deep, so even small spaces will have enough room to leave clearance behind the organizer to allow for both the power strip and plugs with the transformer at the end. Also recommended in the episode is an AC-to-USB adapter that can be used for your iPod, to charge it without hooking it up to your computer, for $14.99.

Like Cali, the host, says, if you do this yourself, we want to see the results: send us an email.

Note: the episode is 4 minutes long, but the actual demonstration is about 2:30, with the rest being outtakes and a brief feature of the musician who provided the music for that episode (i.e. not specifically useful to the task, though the tune is catchy). And the Splenda bit is a running, inside joke–we had no clue what was going on the first time we saw this.