Gaming Decor: Realm of the 40 Year Old Virgin?

Gaming Decor: Realm of the 40 Year Old Virgin?

Mike Cave
Nov 9, 2011

Despite the onward march to ever more realistic graphics in video games today, yesterday's gaming icons remain perpetually popular, whether it be via wall graphics, novelty pillows, or a full-on themed room. We may be living in a 64-bit world today, but there's something about the 8/16-bit language of yesterday which still appeals to gamers of all ages. But the question some may ask is this popularized nostalgia too geek and not enough chic, representing an ever adolescent aesthetic? Where would you draw the line with tech themed decor items?

Here are a few gamer and tech related decorative items we think are cool enough to add to our home (at least in moderation and maybe relegated to our gaming room):

Space Invaders reached cult status decades ago, but who knew the aliens would prove to be so comfy? The designer behind the Retro Alien Couch ($5,000), Igor Chak, apparently thought about sitting on the enemy instead of shooting them. Luckily the 8-bit baddies make an awesome looking modern sofa that would fit in well inside a contemporary space or gaming room. This unique piece isn't cheap, but each is made from hands that probably zapped tons of extraterrestials.

Has Facebook or Twitter been on your mind as you lay in bed? How about a program? You can now put your favorite social network or software under your head instead of in it, with these creative internet pillows. Decorating with your favorite piece of the net shows true dedication but just imagine the fun of hitting someone with a Gmail pillow and saying "Message sent!". Zing!

Cubes make good simple tables so what do Rubik's Cubes make? They make amazing and hard to solve tables, of course. Besides being colorful and invoking memories of never-ending conundrums, these $600 tables add both visual style and functionality. If this prize puzzles you, you can make your own, as shown over at Instructables, where DIY pro, makendo, built one for his son's room.

Who would of thought that a yellow circle could become so iconic? Pac-Man is as big as they come in the gaming hall of fame, but this shelving solution is nearly as large. The Puckman Bookcase (price on inquiry). And just in case you're wondering, it's called Puckman in reference to the game's original title from Japan (Midway changed it to Pac-Man for the US market due to concerns about vandals changing one letter to something a bit more provocative).

Wall graphics are a simple and affordable way to transform bare walls into decorated ones. And there's a pretty healthy amount of gamer themed wall graphics out there via Etsy, Blik and other wall decal resources.

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