Geeky for the Holidays: Give the Gift of Science

Geeky for the Holidays: Give the Gift of Science

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 16, 2011

While we've no official data on the matter, we happen to know there's a large subsection of the population who are both science nerds and design enthusiasts. Why not grab a gift that intersects both worlds and hit a scientific gift-giving home run this year?

Your friends and family will have a eureka moment when they open a gift that both looks good and includes a fun learning or scientific element to it. We rounded up just a small sampling of ideas of gifts you can buy, but we certainly encourage experimentation in this department! If you've got someone on your gift list that loves a home that looks good and observing the wonders of the world around them, you might find something here:

Putting things together There's just something about a model that makes the whole world seem understandable, don't you think? Like molecule models that look smashing on a tabletop to models that celebrate the geodesic shape (spotted by fellow Apartment Therapy contributor Gregory Han).
Scientific-themed decor Don't underestimate the lessons you might learn from soap that looks like microscopic diseases; also there are a lot of great charts out there, old and new, that will look great as art and teach folks.
Scientific smells If you were thinking about giving someone a candle or other scented gift, why not explore the science of scent and find them a smell that they will need/could use? Love this post about the science of scent.
Terrariums and (the arguably cooler) biospheres Tiny little worlds that change and grow and you can watch it all from your desk while you work? Yes, please. 25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY. DIY Tabletop Biosphere.
Aquariums Another great way to bring the natural world to your home, today's aquarium choices are modern, sleek and totally cool. Aqua Forest Aquarium. Non-Traditional Aquariums for the Modern Home. Modern-Looking Aquariums.
Ant farms Though liable to make any guests viewing your ant farm possibly itch just looking at it, ant farms are like art that keeps creating itself as it hangs on your wall.
Indoor composting Not only functional, can you imagine the cool science going on in these things as they break down your old food to make something useful and good? Today's options bring you the choice of having this cool eco-task inside, and you can either purchase something readymade or even make it yourself.

What are your ideas on gifts that include a scientific or learning element and that also improve the look of a home? Let us know!

Images: Creating a Collection: Scientific Style; Gregory Han; Gizmodo; Laure Joliet; Aqua Forest Aquarium; Jake Harms via babble;; Inhabitots; Sarah Starkey

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