Never Forget Your Reusable Bag Again, Guaranteed

published Aug 27, 2018
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(Image credit: Genecie Wallet / Etsy)

When it comes to reducing our ecological footprint, most of us have our hearts in the right place. We try to save water and do our best to recycle (although staying up-to-date on local regulations can be tricky). And we try to stick to reusable containers when we can, like when we amass that endless collection of reusable bags so we can avoid picking up plastic when we shop.

But your thoughtful efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle are for naught every time you forget your reusable bags at home or in the car (*raises hand*).

Super frustrating, right?

You already know that the best way to make your earth-friendly practices effective and consistent is to weave them into the fabric of your daily life. It needs to be automatic (and therefore easy) to toss the papers in the recycling rather than the trash, for instance. And that means your reusable bags need to be at hand each and every time you might need to use them.

That’s why we’re loving the beautiful, functional, and forward-thinking GENECIE Women’s Zero Waste Wallet. It comes with a built-in reusable shopping bag to take the remembering-your-bags factor out of the equation. When your reusable bag folds up into your everyday wallet, it’ll make it impossible to leave your reusable bag at home.

The wallet, available on Etsy for $69, comes in color options of blush or navy and bag options of coral or gray. The bag has a special place in the wallet, so, although it’s detachable for carrying and washing, all you have to do to keep your shopping bag on-hand at all times is to fold it up back into your wallet for safe-keeping.