Genius Idea of the Week: Lighting Up Dark Closets with Motion Sensor LEDs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

God bless the editors of Martha Stewart Living. Over the summer we received Philips SpotOn LED light as a gift. We had no idea what to do with the thing. It sat in a drawer for months until we got this month’s issue of MSL. It was as if god spoke to us and solved all our dilemmas.

The motion sensor light is designed to be used in hallways in order to light up your path at night when you’re hitting the loo or going to get yourself a big glass of milk. Well, since our apartment is just too small to require such a thing we thought we had no use for it. Then Miss Kathleen Hackett informed us that this battery operated doodad could work wonders in a dark closet — we do have one of those…

So our apartment in general doesn’t get much light so you can imagine how cavernous our closets are. I blame most of my fashion snafus on not being able to see what I’m picking out. Anyway… Turns out the Philips SpotOn is perfect for sticking to the ceiling of a dark closet. It only turns on if it senses movement, so when we open up our closets curtains, poof, we see the light — and our cords, sweaters, and boots, oh my!

Our only gripe, and this isn’t Philips’ fault whatsoever, is that since the $15 doodad is so good at sensing movement, every once in awhile we wake up to see our closet aglow because the cats are messing around in there. If only it came with a shriek alarm only cats could hear so our poor blouses were left alone.

photo: soniaz