GE’s New Energy Star Water Heaters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll be honest, because we’ve never owned a home (and have never had to worry about the purchase of such things) we haven’t given much thought to our water heaters.

However, we were surprised this morning to learn that up until yesterday Energy Star didn’t regulate them.

That just doesn’t make sense … So, luckily, it’s all changed now.

Energy Star does regulate water heaters now and GE is the first company to announce two water heaters that will meet DOE Energy Star Standards.

One is available now — it is a Tankless Gas Water Heater and, according to EcoGeek, it uses 25% less energy per gallon of water heated than your average hot water heater.

The second (available in 2009) is even more impressive. It is a Hybrid Electric Water Heater and is 50% more efficient than average water heaters.

This is good news for homeowners — the Hybrid Electric version will save approximately $250 per year, and $2,500 savings in energy costs over a 10 year period.

Sounds good to us.