Easy Resolutions You Can Accomplish Today

Easy Resolutions You Can Accomplish Today

Elizabeth Licata
Jan 4, 2012

We're four days into 2012, how many resolutions have you checked off so far? Yeah, me neither. But if you haven't gotten started yet, don't worry because we're not really all that far behind.

When it comes to achieving resolutions, January 1 shouldn't really count since that day is traditionally reserved for recovering. If you accomplished more than eating brunch, you can consider January 1 a victory. On January 2 most of us had to go back to work, and that's enough to leave anyone reeling. January 3 ... actually, I don't know where January 3 went, but today is the 4th, and that's more than enough time to get an early start on some easier-to-accomplish resolutions. Get one or two of them done today, and you'll be able to say you started 2012 on a roll.

Be more active We probably all resolved to be more active in 2012 than we were in 2011, even if we were already pretty active to start with. (I have a Facebook friend who ran 728 miles in 2011. Her resolution for 2012? 1000 miles.) Being more active is one of the scarier resolutions, but it's deceptively easy: Just do something you don't normally do, and you're already out the gate. Take a walk to the store. Make two trips instead of balancing your cereal bowl on top of your coffee cup. Stand up now and do 25 jumping jacks next to your computer. See? You're already started.

Eat better Most of us could stand to eat more fruits and vegetables, so even if you're eating the last of the leftover cookies for breakfast instead of steel-cut oatmeal, add an apple or an orange. It's just a baby step, but once the cookies are gone, the apples and oranges will still be around and waiting for you. (Assuming you buy them. Fruits and vegetables won't magically appear in your house; you do have to go out and get them). And as you go forward in 2012, keep adding vegetables, even if you're having a diet off-day. Not sure how to prepare them? Check out The Kitchn for some easy recipe ideas.

Give more This one's so easy you can do it from your desk. Most charities are set up to take donations online, and sending $5 or $25 off to Heifer International, Kiva, The World Wildlife Federation, or the charitable organization of your choice is a great way to get the year started on a good note. As an incidental benefit, donating money to a good cause can help relieve any leftover stress you may have about having spent too much during the holidays.

Pet more dogs This was supposed to be "smell the roses," but it's freezing outside, and dogs are better than flowers anyway. If you don't have a dog of your own, step outside in the morning before work to see the neighborhood puppies enjoying their morning constitutionals, and give them a pat to brighten the rest of your day. (Bonus: Going outside to pet dogs counts as a walk towards Resolution #1, too.)

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