Get a Text to Tell You That You Definitely Left the Oven On

Get a Text to Tell You That You Definitely Left the Oven On

Taryn Williford
Jul 12, 2011

Smoke alarms are an important, but very often overlooked, part of your home tech arsenal. They keep you safe in the event of an apartment fire, often the first thing to alert sleeping dwellers that their house is on fire. But what if you're not home? Wouldn't it be nice to have a smoke alarm that texts you? Don't rush to file a patent—this thing already exists.

It may look unassuming. But inside this boring white smoke detector lies the heart and spirit of a cell phone, its SIM card.

With that little added bit of hardware (and a cheap pre-paid phone plan), this smoke detector can be programmed to text a pre-set message to up to four different cell phone numbers (including your own) whenever it goes off.

The FireText was designed to bring about a little extra security for homeowners and apartment dwellers everywhere. If you're away from home, you'll be the first to know about a house fire, able to call the authorities way before flames threaten to tear your space apart.

It'll also alert up to three other friends or roommates, giving you a little piece of mind that somebody else knows about the emergency, in the event you're trapped or unable to call for help.

The Firetext retails for £89.99 ($144, from or, a hefty price for something that usually comes with your apartment. But considering that a texting smoke alarm could save your life one day, it's well worth the cost to fit one in your home.

via UberGizmo

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