Look Good While Working Out: Stylish Fitness Tech

Look Good While Working Out: Stylish Fitness Tech

Julienne Lin
Mar 7, 2012

Right now is about the time when everyone gets out of their winter hibernation and realizes they want to get in shape for the warmer season approaching. I'm the same. But I'm thinking, if I'm going to try to get back in shape, I may as do it with help from some well designed tech accessories. Here are five I've been looking at.

Aria Scale: Scales can sometimes give off an ominous vibe, which is why we really like the design of Aria. It's simple, clean and there's something more friendly about the small round screen that reports your weight. Another plus is it's a smart scale that connect to FitBit.com so you can access graphs and models to monitor factors like your weight and body fat percentage, similar to the Wii Fit.

Nike Fuel Band: The other day I hung out with a couple of friends who are among the lucky few able to get a Nike Fuel Band. To me it seems like a fancy pedometer with a huge price tag, but the perks are definitely there. It is equipped with a USB charger that syncs up with all devices and honestly the main appeal is that it looks cool. The LED lights and flashes of "GOAL" are kind of awesome. If you want to track your calories and set goals for how much you move with a sophisticated device, this is definitely an option with style.

JAWBONE Up: The Jawbone UP is another sexy tracking device that comes with a handy mobile app, just like the Nike Fuel Band. The price isn't as steep and there are a couple more functions for those looking to track steps, calories, sleep patterns and even your meals.

Tinke: For the very health conscious, Tinke is a tiny device you can plug into your iPhone and press your finger against to get your oxygen level in your blood, respiratory rate and heart rate. Tinke remembers your information each time you check and records it so you can see trends in your wellness levels. You can also anonymously compare your rates with various age groups.

4iiii sunglasses: Sportiiis is a Heads Up Display equipped with audio that gives you feedback on your performance. You can attach it to any pair of sunglasses. It guides you to your target workout with multi-colored LEDs positioned in your peripheral vision. While you're exercising, you can tap the unit to get a verbal update on how you're doing. It's almost like a mini version of the tracking system on a treadmill, but attached to your sunglasses. You can connect the Sportiiis with a Mac, PC or smartphone in order to download the workout program.

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