Get Even Greener with USB Power Strips

Get Even Greener with USB Power Strips

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 4, 2010

I'll be honest. I don't like USB cables very much. They're messy and annoying to carry around. But as much as I believe they're a dying technology, everyone still seems to think they're the only way to get things done around here. And so if you do plan to get a USB hub, it might as well be a green one, allowing to quick and easy power shutoff when needed.

Well, we're guessing you probably already figured out the designed metaphor here. The switches do exactly as you'd expect them to - allowing for individual switching off of gadgets that may be power vampires at night or creating an ultra-secure means to disable an important hard drive from your network.

While we found Elecom's USB Power Strips (pictured in 1-3) to be slightly better designed with backlit labels, the cost of importing them from Japan would start from $40 and go upwards of up to $107 (for the 7-port version) after import costs. $107 for a few plastic switches? Sorry, but that's a no-go in our book.

The value alternative? We suggest taking your pickings from Dealxtreme, where they sell switchable USB hubs which look like power outlets with 4 ports for about $5 shipped. Grab them in black or white.

[Via Technabob via Crunchgear]

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