When Things Feel Out of Control: Where to Look to Get Your Home (& Life) Back on Track

When Things Feel Out of Control: Where to Look to Get Your Home (& Life) Back on Track

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 9, 2015
(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Sometimes things just feel off balance. You seem to be making it into work much later than you intend to. You can't seem to find anything around the house or you seem to be tripping over stuff all the time. You're feeling tired, without energy and wondering why life feels so frustrating. Look to these areas of life (and home) to see where you might need some tweaks to get things back on track.

To your cleaning schedule

We think one of the greatest secrets of life (or, well, at least home life) is deciding on, hammering out and mastering a cleaning schedule. Why? Because when you find the right cleaning schedule that works for your life, you'll find that you're able to fit in all the cleaning chores you have to do, and manage to do them regularly so your home doesn't fall into disarray. So if you're feeling like your home is coming apart at the seams in front of your eyes, re-examine the cleaning schedule you try to stick to for spots where it's not working, and where you might be able to make adjustments.

To your storage

If you spend a lot of time rummaging through the backs of overflowing drawers and cabinets, you might not have maximized yet your storage. Vital spots to pay attention to, especially if you have a small home. Want to know what to work on first? Pick the spot you want to work on last.

To your morning routine

Though it might sound like an impossibility depending on the amount of work necessary to get your kids and yourself out the door in the morning, if your life is feeling a little nut-so, it might be because you need to add a little more padding to your morning routine so you start the day off peacefully rather than crazy.

To your evening routine

How do you end your days? It could be having a huge effect on how you start and spend your days. Look to tweak your evening routine if you're going to bed later than you want and not feeling resting come morning.

To your entryway

It's the first and last place you see when you first enter and exit your home. A confusing, stressful feeling spot won't just be unpleasant to view, it's not going to function in a way that serves your day.

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