Get Lost (Literally!) Inside This Colorful, Memphis-Inspired Maze

Get Lost (Literally!) Inside This Colorful, Memphis-Inspired Maze

Tara Bellucci
Jul 16, 2017

We generally try to avoid getting lost, but there's at least one place where we'll make an exception. Designer Camille Walala's latest installation is a Memphis inspired maze that our inner child would never want to leave.

Located at the Now Gallery in southeast London, the installation is called WALALAxPLAY, and encourages visitors to "explore, examine and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces in a 'temple of wonder' created by Walala Studio." Sort of like that picture game in the back of the Highlights magazine you read at the dentist's office, "a key part of this installation will be an imaginative puzzle which invites the solver to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images."

The space isn't your average neatly uniform hedge maze; there are open spaces, tight squeezes, dead ends, walls of varying height, mirrors that reflect the patterns back on themselves, and more.

"This element of physicality will encourage individuals to become more aware of their bodies, engage their minds and give themselves over to PLAY," the gallery says. "It ensures that visitors leave with not only a visual impression of the installation, but transformed by the experience of their own passage through it."

Walala is known for her bold patterns inspired by the 80s design collective Memphis Group. Her work has appeared on buildings and in music videos, and she launched a home collection with Aria back in 2015.

Camille Walala is the queen of colour and her patterns will create another world for all in NOW Gallery. We are creating a playful place where – as is in our past exhibitions – we give people time to linger, digest and unpick puzzles giving space to let the installation resonate," says Now Gallery curator Jemima Burrill.

The exhibition is running now through September 24, 2017.

h/t Dezeen

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