Make Family Outings Easier with a Wagon

Make Family Outings Easier with a Wagon

Richard Popovic
Jul 19, 2012

My family attended a music festival this past weekend. As you can read here, things didn't work out exactly as I has planned. But one thing that did work out was the wagon. It worked out beautifully, and earned me a number of high-fives and thumbs-up from fellow festival-goers.

The wagon actually saved the day. Due to a mix up with parking passes, or more specifically a lack of parking passes, I literally had to park the car a mile away and still get a full cooler, chairs, umbrella, and bag of miscellaneous stuff to the festival grounds. Enter the wagon.

I threw it in the car at the last minute, almost ditching it when I realized I would have to take off the handle to make it fit. But it was only one bolt, so I decided to go for it anyway. I also brought three large bungee cords along to hold everything together. If the bungees prove to be too long, simply tie a big knot in the center to shorten their length. You want them to be pretty taut to minimize movement of the cargo.

As you can see from the picture, it all came together like a charm. It was well-balanced, fast, and rolled along effortlessly. More than a few guys lugging coolers looked at me enviously as I wheeled by, with one going so far as to proclaim loudly "All hail the Radio Flyer!" I couldn't agree more. One thing I could have used was a bit of oil. I can still hear that squeaky wheel in my sleep.

If you are hitting a festival this summer, or even just going on a picnic at the local park, give the wagon a shot. It will save you repeated trips to the car and save your back in the process.

(Image: Richard Popovic)

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