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10 Accessories for a Clutter Free Desk

updated May 5, 2019
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There’s no time like the present to clear your desk clutter if you haven’t already. Whenever I’m doing a complete uncluttering of my desk whether at work or at home, I also find it to be a great time to change the look as well. Cord control and keeping your tech off your desk and on a stand can be managed with a variety of fun, well-designed accessories. Here are my picks.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Top Row
1. Rabito Cable Holder: These cable holders are a cute spin off of the Blu Dot cable holders we love.
2. Inboxes: One of my favorite ways to save space on my desk and organize is with stackable trays. These can be repositioned to be stacked or on a limb.
3. iCushion: Having your phone laying around on your desk not only looks messy but is also inconvenient when you’re searching for it under stacks of magazines. I wouldn’t mind nesting mine in this iCushion that comes in fun colors to add some color to my desk.
4. Smart-Stand Sleeve: This accessory works as both a sleeve and a stand, hence its name. I love that it’s multifunctional so that when you’re finished using your iPad, you can pack it up in the sleeve. When used as a stand, you can adjust it at different angles to get the most comfortable position for yourself.
5. Cool Feet: These are little plastic feet with suction cups that attach to your laptop to raise it so it won’t overheat. They kind of remind me of bed raisers I used in college.

Bottom Row
6. USB Flower Hub: USB hubs can be cute too, like this one made up of a row of tulips.
7. Cork Planter Bookend Set: I love reading on my iPad but haven’t lost the desire to have books and magazines on my desk to give my eyes a rest from the screen. These bookends are multifunctional and allow you to organize your books while providing space for a plant and storage for your small desk supplies.
8. Rhombins: Another fun set of modular storage that’s a little more flexible than your standard stacking trays.
9. Butterfly Memo: These butterfly memos will make pending tasks and reminders more well received for both you and your coworkers.
10. Zinc Wall Accessories: If you have a wall at your desk, use it! It’s a great way to save desk space and also provide a better view versus staring at the wall. I love these Zinc wall accessories because they’re clear and you can use them however you want and see everything inside.

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