Quirky's Socially Developed Products for the Home Office

Quirky's Socially Developed Products for the Home Office

Chris Perez
Jul 18, 2012

Have you heard of Quirky? It's actually a social product development firm that lets people like us submit ideas for new products and inventions. The Quirky team pick their favorites — from the most popular submissions on the site — and then flies you out to meet the team and work on making your vision a reality. Quite a lot of useful products have come about with this system and today we round up our favorites for the home office.

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These are my favorite of the bunch. I actually want one or two myself, next to my office desk, to serve as a landing pad for my digital cameras and other equipment. Not only is the design clean and functional, I love how it's completely customizable. Legs or casters, whiteboard or corkboard, open unit or drawers - you choose your own adventure. Clever.

Space Bar
We've featured this hub / monitor stand before and I didn't realize it was a Quirky product until doing this roundup. I like how Quirky didn't cut corners and make this USB hub out of plastic, but constructed it of durable aluminum to match the tech you'll sit over and under it. Nice touch.

Pivot Power Bendable Power Strip
Quirky designers did such a great job of realizing this idea that it has earned itself a Red Dot Design award. Each outlet is embedded within its own pivotable head - allowing you to configure and contort the 6-outlet strip to fit in your unique space.

Converge Rest and Recharge Station
I like how simple and useful this power dock is. Useful as a stand and a power charging station, the sleek curve and wire pocket doesn't confine you to one type of device or phone. Meaning as you acquire or upgrade gear, you won't have to upgrade your docking station or stand as well.

Mark-Ups - suction cup whiteboard markers
When I'm in a traditional office those whiteboard markers are always displaced - even though they have a perfectly good ledge where they should rest. I like this suction cup idea because it's useful — for eliminating those marker scavenger hunts — and because I think those markers look pretty dang slick.

Port Power Cord Ball Extensions
Another good idea by the everyday user. Sometimes a cord isn't long enough to stretch to our outlet of choice, and sometimes our space may just be too cramped. This port extension gives you some more options and the cord wraps neatly around itself to reduce clutter.

Siphon Audio Splitter
I actually could have used a device like this a few months ago. Sometimes in the office I want to listen to my headphones — so as not to disturb those around me — and other times I want to pump up the jams with my bookshelf computer speakers. This audio splitter lets me pick the audio output device of my choice with the spin of a dial and also serves as a classy aluminum headphone hanger. Put me on the wait list.

Plug Power Single Outlet Adapter
The problem with surge protectors is that sometimes you're stuck with a device that has a huge power brick plug that inevitably cramps your style. A few of these single outlet adapters could free things up and make those strips more functional. They also were clever enough to make it a cord wrap so that you can pack some to go for your next trip.

Learn More: If you're interested in the Quirky process and have an idea you think could be useful be sure to check out their website. Quirky gives you, as the inventor, a cut of all sales and maybe next time we do a roundup your product will be the one we feature.

(Images: As linked from Quirky)

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