5 Steps to Get Ready for iOS 5

5 Steps to Get Ready for iOS 5

Joelle Alcaidinho
Oct 10, 2011

To say that we're excited about Apple iOS 5 dropping on Wednesday would be a massive understatement. With over 200 new features, many of which will change the way we work and play, in a big way for the better, this major OS upgrade will be making its way to our iOS devices in the very near future. So what is one to do before iOS 5 drops? Get ready of course, with these 5 simple steps.

5 Steps to Get Ready for iOS 5:

1) Update to Lion: If you have not already updated to the latest Apple OS, do it now. Why? Well, while Apple has not confirmed that you will need Lion to take advantage of all the iCloud + iOS 5 goodness they have not denied it either. Lion is mentioned whenever there is iCloud talk on all official Apple materials and it is also what developers have been testing the service with. What you don't want to happen is finding out on upgrade day that iCloud is not everything you hoped it would be with iOS 5 because you need to update your Mac OS which will take even longer than usual considering the high number of people downloading the iOS 5 update. Of course, just like with any OS upgrade, make sure you have a recent backup before beginning.

2) Trim the App Fat: With all of the new features in iOS 5 there are definitely several existing apps that we own that will have their features replicated, messaging apps we're looking at you. Since we won't be needing these apps anymore, we will be removing them from our devices along with other apps we don't really use any more, trimming the app fat before we perform our pre-iOS update backup.

3) Backup: The part that everyone hates when you sync your iOS devices with iTunes has to be the marathon backup time. Since this backup time all depends on how recent your most recent iOS backup was, do your best to shorten it during the iOS 5 upgrade by backing up prior to Wednesday.

4) Clean: With a brand new OS, our devices get a new lease on life and we want to keep them looking good, as well as feeling good. We will be giving them a nice cleaning session using the techniques and tools we use to clean our laptops.

5) Gather Apple IDs: Since almost all of our friends are on at least one iOS device, we are going to take the next few days and step up in collecting their Apple IDs so that we can iMessage instead of text message them. We have been putting these into our Address Book on the Mac to make syncing a snap once we are on iOS 5.

How are you preparing for iOS 5?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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