The Best Thing We Ever Got Rid Of

The Best Thing We Ever Got Rid Of

Sarah Coffey
Aug 14, 2009

Over the last couple of years (pretty much since I started working for Apartment Therapy), my husband and I have slowly been whittling down the amount of extra, unnecessary stuff we own. We recently made one deletion from our home that's completely changed the way we live, for the better...

We got rid of our satellite cable! Now we use a Roku Netflix Player, a little box that helps us stream movies instantly to our TV. (We could just do it from our computer, but the Roku box avoids the slow downloading process.)

It cost us $100 for the box, on top of the $9 a month we were already paying for Netflix. Compared to our cable bill, we've saved a lot, but the best part is that our TV-watching experience has completely changed.

We used to watch whatever was on (including some pretty bad reality TV) while working on the computer or multi-tasking. Now we only watch TV when we really want to devote our attention to something. The amount of time we spend in front of the television is probably a fifth of what we watched before, and the quality of programs and movies is ten times better.

We know that not everyone is ready to give up cable or real-time TV, while others are able to get by with none at all, but for us, this was the perfect solution.

What have you given up that's improved your homelife?

Photo: Sarah Coffey

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