Get the Most NetFlix for Your Money With This Web App

Get the Most NetFlix for Your Money With This Web App

Taryn Williford
Jan 5, 2009

We don't have to remind you that times are tough. We're all cutting corners where we deem fit to do so. If you're one of many that has canceled your cable service in favor of using web-based TV streams and NetFlix— or if your NetFlix subscription is simply not something you could give up—we've found a Web application that wants to help you get the most out of your monthly NetFlix fees and get more DVDs for your hard-earned cheese. FeedFlix takes online movie rental subscriptions and feeds them into an online-banking-like site...

By tapping into Netflix's API and analyzing your usage habits, FeedFlix can help you analyze your rental habits.

You can see how much each rental costs you based on how many movies you typically rent and for how long against your monthly rate (It also takes into account "watch instantly" movies).Comapre your average cost of a movie against all the other FeedFlix users.

If you realize that you've been over-paying for rentals (Probably because you're slacking on re-stuffing those little red envelopes and dropping them in the mail—we know, we have two waiting to go out on our landing strip right now), FeedFlix can create alerts that will send reminder emails when you've kept a movie for too long.

Other cool stats include your average movies viewed each month, how long you typically keep a movie before sending it back, and a graphical view of your returns over time. There's also aggregate data on most popular plans, most rented DVDs, and queue sizes for all FeedFlix users (You can check out other peoples' full queues!).

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