Get This Look (On a Budget): Nick's Picture Perfect Office

Get This Look (On a Budget): Nick's Picture Perfect Office

Eric Chen
Aug 5, 2011

We know you all fell in love with Nick's dreamy home office. But not all of us have the luck that Nick had getting a great deal on the perfect Herman Miller Airia desk as the center piece of our home office. Nick built his office around the desk and went with the wood/white theme for the furniture and tied it all together with the neutral gray background of the walls. Let us show you how you can bring Nick's perfect blend of wood, white and gray into your own home and without having to sell your vital organs to pay for it.

The most eye catching element of Nick's office is the Herman Miller Airia desk with its perfect balance of walnut trim and white desktop and curved legs. But with a retail price of an arm and a leg ($2,199!), only a few of us will be able to afford such luxury. A good (and affordable) alternative that will provide the similar visual elements would be the CB2 fold desk. Similar to the Airia, it also uses the combination of wood surface with curved white legs, making it a modern piece that can become the focal point of your home office.

The other center piece of Nick's office is the Herman Miller Embody chair. With its distinctive spine back, this chair is just as visually striking as the desk, and together they complete the form and function of his home office. Again this is the top of the line office chair that Herman Miller has to offer, and for most of us we simply don't have enough kidneys to sell to afford this chair. The perfect substitute would be its smaller but just as visually interesting cousin, the Herman Miller SAYL chair. The SAYL's unframed, suspension back demand your eyes' attention just as the Embody does. And at just a third of the price, you'll be able to keep both your kidneys.

Since we lost the cable management functionality of the Airia desk, by substituting it with the CB2 fold desk, our tech solution should also be simplified. Instead of going for the double whammy of Mac Pro and Apple cinema display, get the Apple iMac to simplify your set up and reduce the cables. Don't forget to opt for the wireless keyboard and magic mouse to keep the desktop clear of cable clutter.

Nick's home office did not become picture perfect with only two center pieces. What really tied the room together are the storage solutions and the neutral gray paint on the wall. Luckily, the pieces he picked here were reasonably priced. The DWR Sapien floating bookshelf combined with IKEA office storage solutions, and the thrifted oak flat file, most of us will be able to put these elements into our own home office. But just in case you are a college student with even more limited budget than the rest of us, a good alternative for the bookshelf is the IKEA Lack wall shelf unit. Coming in at just one fifth of the price of the DWR unit, the Lack shelf should keep the college students among us off the instant noodle diet for a month or two. Make sure you get the white one to continue the wood/white theme!

With all of these alternatives available, those of us that want to keep our internal organs and body parts will be able to put together Nick's picture perfect home office in our own home.

1 Herman Miller AiriaCB2 fold desk
2 Herman Miller EmbodyHerman Miller SAYL
3 Apple Mac Pro/Apple Cinema DisplayApple iMac
4 DWR Sapien TallIKEA Lack wall shelf
5 Vintage modern filing cabinet (your local thrift store/Craigslist)
6 Your favorite shade of gray

(Images: Anthony Nguyen)

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