Getaways: How Spontaneous Are You?

Getaways: How Spontaneous Are You?

Laure Joliet
Aug 6, 2008

The idea of getting out of town, leaving it all behind and indulging in adventure can sound great, in theory. In practice it can sometimes leave us a little dizzy since we are, after all, home bodies. What with writing for AT and all, we spend a lot of time at home thinking about home so sometimes, but not always, it can be difficult to wrench ourselves away:

We're always glad we got away whenever we do make the effort, and recently it's gotten easier, maybe because we get sick of being at home all the time.

But we notice that we go one of 2 directions: 1) we want to plan way in advance and get every detail down, bags packed perfectly, house really clean and not a detail left untended to. Or 2), we don't want to think about it, we start searching for someplace to go on friday afternoon, see what's available and then book it. Then we leave friday night or saturday morning. This gives us, usually about an hour to pack and no time to clean or get uptight. This can be totally exhilarating, if a little messy and disorganized. And most recently it's this spontaneity that allows us to really get away.

When we plan (and plan and plan) it can suck the fun right out and we notice we get ideas in our heads about what the getaway should be like instead of just being in the moment. And often, if we've built it up in our minds, we're really disappointed when it's over. When we just get up and go, we're open to whatever the experience brings. Even when things go wrong it can still be a part of the adventure because we don't have a fixed idea of what should be happening.

So how about it? How spontaneous are you? Does it help you to have a good time? Or do your prefer to plan in advance?

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