Getting Evicted: Rent Control in the City of Los Angeles

Getting Evicted: Rent Control in the City of Los Angeles

Laure Joliet
Jan 15, 2008

No I haven't thrown a bunch of wild parties nor have been living in a sub standard living situation or allowing mold or trash to fester in my apartment. But I'm still being evicted.

My cute-as-a-button 4 unit Spanish apartment building has been sold. The new owner would like to live in my apartment (can't blame her really) and she's got the right to kick me out. It's called an Owner Occupancy Eviction and it could be a lot worse.

Thanks to Los Angeles City Rent Control, she's gotta pay me a relocation fee based on how long I've lived in the apartment and return my deposit in a timely manner. My upstairs neighbors are getting the boot also because the new owner plans to join the entire upstairs to create one apartment. They've lived here longer than I have so they get even more money to relocate. Additionally if you're disabled or elderly you are entitled to even more than that.

A note that the relocation fee has nothing to do with a lease and even if you are month to month, you are protected. Your rights are based on length of time spent living in the apartment.

Up until now I haven't received official notice of my eviction, just 'friendly' conversations with the various real estate agents. I know that the new owner is anxious to get in here asap but first she has to file paperwork with the city of Los Angeles to be in the clear to give me notice and then I'll have 30 days.

Before I got facts, there were a lot of rumors floating around the building that had me pretty scared. So it's always a good idea to get as much information as you can. I even called a couple of lawyer friends I know, but I got the most helpful information by calling the rent control board and checking out the website for LA City:

Anyone have a similar experience?

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