A Moving Story: Friends or Professionals?

A Moving Story: Friends or Professionals?

Meg Lewis
Sep 7, 2011

Someone once told me, "Movers are for people who don't have friends". The ability to hire movers can seem like a status symbol. Of course not all of us can afford to hire a team of movers in a shiny large truck, but I feel so guilty asking my friends!

Last week I moved quite a distance. The drive from Chicago to Minneapolis in a fully-loaded UHaul was difficult to say the least. For the first time, we had absolutely no friends to help us move. Most of our friends have 9-5 jobs and couldn't help on a Wednesday morning. We enlisted my father to help, but moving from a 3-story walkup was difficult with only 3 of us. So, once we arrived in Minneapolis we knew that we needed help.

There was an ad for emove.com on the side of the UHaul. Being complete amateurs, we went to the website and hired a couple of men to help unload our UHaul (again, into a 3-story walkup). I was a little wary at first obviously. I'm not a paranoid person, but I always hear horror stories with this sort of thing.

Luckily we had the most amazing experience. We hired a company called Strongboy Movers based out of Minneapolis. Two strapping men arrived at our door on time and had our entire UHaul unloaded in only one hour! Our experience was amazing to say the least!

Do you usually hire professionals or do you enlist free help from friends? Have you had any horror stories or great experiences when moving?

Image: Flickr member Akeg licensed for use by Creative Commons

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