Getting More Out of Your Coffee Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all know that furniture which serves mulitiple functions is a must in small spaces. A friend of a friend recently asked us for ideas to create some table space for her young kids for crafts and snacks. She was adamant that she had no extra space for bringing in another table, even a small one.

Loving any challenge, I came up with the idea of tucking in two kids’ chairs under their existing coffee table. Her coffee table, like many others, is a convenient height for a seated child to fit comfortably. Small chairs fit under it nicely without eating up additional floor space and the living room decor stays intact. An added bonus is that the kids can be near you snacking or drawing as you read a magazine and have a cup of tea on the couch. I congratulated myself with coming up with that idea but know that many of you probably do this already. Share with us if you do.