Getting Our Miscellaneous Tech Pile in Order

Getting Our Miscellaneous Tech Pile in Order

Gregory Han
Jul 8, 2010

You've probably seen an episode or two of Hoarders, a program which leaves us with a strong desire to clean, organize and throwout everything and live a spartan lifestyle with one USB cord and a can opener. But even though we're far from being a bona fide tech hoarder like this guy, upon honest reflection, we've got a fair share of tech clutter (part of the job) that is dampening our otherwise clean abode. What to do?

The first part of the answer is pretty simple: sell, donate, throw out, recycle everything you no longer need. That collection of outdated audio gear? Sell it on Craigslist and upgrade to something nicer. For a lot of collectors, this is the hardest part, rationally realizing they can let go of things and that it will all be okay.

Fortunately, we're not stricken with a genuine hoarder-mentality, but we do have a pile of tech gear related to our work, accumulated over years of receiving products for review. Thus, we've organized our gear with affordable IKEA drawer organizers and cable/cord organizers (the photo below is from our previous studio, but the desk setup remains the same):

But that still leaves us with plenty of larger items, including backup hard drives, USB cables, speaker wires, HDMI wire galore, and a miscellaneous pile of other stuff that altogether looks like the trash compactor scene from Star Wars. The simplest solution for keeping all this junk out of sight and in order is to use a big plastic bin with a lid, throw all the stuff in there and bid it adieu after hiding it away in the closet.

Yet, that wouldn't be the Unplggd way, so we're just starting to pull everything out from this bin 'o "still-need-it-gear" and using a label maker and some rubber bands to bring some order to the clutter we've created since moving. Here's the challenge below:

Wish us luck...if you don't hear from us by tomorrow, please call the authorities!

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